P.B Locke Rap up and Fall update-Toronto Chapter

November 17, 2013

Blocke on the Locke Update:

On Wednesday October 30th, 2013, a small but smiling group attended a rap up and debrief of the P. B Locke Mooring lead by Raimund Krob, our project manager and leader and Toronto Chapter Chair, Dar Spray.

Carm, Paul, Art, Karen, Alan, Ron beamed as we debriefed regarding the hard work from start to finish. No matter the hurdle, there was always a plan in pocket so we could continue. The timeline was at times tight but "many hands made light work," and all that participated were noted and will be thanks individually for their support in whatever way they assisted with the project.

The mooring is now out for the winter, being washed and cared for and will return in the Spring of 2014.

Nov 20th, @ Trinity Pub 7 pm TORONTO CHAPTER meeting Please plan to attend. We have many goals and ideas coming forth. Please plan to attend so that we can keep the ball rolling. Event dates will be discussed. Can YOU help SOS?

December meeting date will be announced shortly- Christmas social- light on the meeting and heavy on the "cheer"
This meeting will take place in Scarborough to satisfy our membership that is westerly.
Meetings will rotate and be moving about to meet the needs of those travelling in this VERY large chapter area. The perfect solution is to meet in the islands but that won't be happening so stay tuned for a Toronto area address for meetings as they will change.

Dar- Toronto Chapter Chair