SOS Toronto Chapter Revitalization 2013

Attention GTA Shipwreck Enthusiasts: In an effort to revitalize the Toronto Chapter of SOS and get some kind of regular meetings going, we will be looking to host a kick off meeting in early February. I would like some feedback as to where people would like to meet. Probably a weekday evening. Most successful chapters try to make their meetings a social event, so any restaurant where a group can get together and still hear a conversation is good. Lets have fun, exchange some stories and figure out what we can all contribute to maritime heritage in this region.

This meeting will be the first of several in the Toronto area to decide what to do with the local Chapter. Hopefully I can answer any questions that members or potential members may have so that people feel comfortable moving forward. The alternative is to close the Toronto chapter, which would be a negative for local diving as there is an established mooring program running.

There is lots to do and money to do it, we just need a few passionate people to give a little time and bring back what was once one of the strongest chapters in the organization. I look forward to your feedback.